For many years, I kept a blog going on You can click the link to it here.

You'll see all kinds of things there, works in progress paintings, camping and four wheeling stories, a lot of Montana photos and more.

We take a lot of wildlife photos and you can find many of those on that blog. There are more on our wildlife photography Facebook page, Wildlife Indoors, so named because we bring the wildlife inside to your home. It's crazy to have so many interests but my mind is always going and I love to create digital works of art using my wildlife photos. You can find those here on our Red Bubble site.

My husband Robert writes poetry. He worked construction, logging, mining, drove truck most of his life but he also wrote some wonderful poems. You can see them on his facebook page here-Robert Lee Ridgway. Please drop by and give his page a like, let him know if you enjoy his poems.  He doesn't type but I manage his page for him and will let him know if we see you there.