It's amazing to me the way my artist mind works. I can not plan ahead, I can't say, "I think I"ll paint a yellow horse today or a blue horse." Instead I think I follow my instincts. I sit down with paints and a canvas and I begin by scattering paint around the canvas. 

 I choose colors that appeal to me at the moment. I work with those colors and add other colors that seem they might work together. I mix bits of all colors I'm using into each color to bring them together. 

As I work, I add symbols and stories to the work. Some of them are covered in subsequent layers, others remain visible. 

When those layers become pleasing to me, I add the horse.  Some of them are collaged from horses drawn and painted on paper, some of them are drawn right on the painting with black paint and my liner brush. Almost all the horses are a little bit different and actually have different personalities, I allow them to become what they want to be. The little guy pictured here is a bit chubby, and he's very happy and cheerful! Kind of sassy yet friendly. 

These paintings are a combination of everything I've learned over the years, and all the techniques I've experimented with. Along with that, new ideas come to me each day, my mind never stops.

If you would like to see more of my paintings check out my facebook art page and give it a like!

My husband Robert writes poetry. He writes in a down home, easy to understand and like style. You can find his poetry on his Robert Lee Ridgway facebook page .

We have a redbubble site where you can purchase some of these horses on comforters, shower cushions and other items for your home. You can find our store here Donna Ridgway on red bubble.

We also take wildlife photos and I create digital works with those.  We have a red bubble store for those items also.