I've been using a site called canvy.com to create photos showing my paintings on a wall. That web site allows me to input the size of the paintings and it shows a representation how the painting would look in a real room. 

It's nice to be able to show you photos of the paintings in rooms, so you can get a better idea how they would look framed, and in a real setting. The only problem I seem to have with this site-when you click to see the enlarged version of the painting on a wall, etsy seems to distort those photos.

So if you are looking at the room versions of a painting, just realize this is happening and to see the rooms, go to the small version and use it.

I do think the app is helpful for envisioning the paintings in your home even realizing it has that limitation. The photo here a representation of a painting I sold  after a client saw it in an actual setting.