We are in the process of changing our web hosting over to this website hosted by Etsy. You'll have to bear with me as I begin to figure things out and get everything working like it ought to. 

I will be adding Robert's poetry to these pages, so you can easily purchase his poems that can be framed for your home. His books will also be for sale here. He just had a shoulder replaced so he's a bit laid up right now and I stay close to him if he needs anything so this is a good time to work on updating a website!

Of course I'll be adding new art as soon as I'm back in the studio again. We just sold a painting to a very nice collector last night. You might wonder what artists do with $$ when they have some...first and foremost are the canvases needed to create more paintings. As it is with everything the cost of those is rising. I'm a prolific artist so I always need more and larger canvases! :) 

I bought a new water brush and some water soluble graphite pencils. I have an urge to do some graphite sketching and thought it would be nice to pull the lines out a bit with some water and that brush. 

Citri Solv! I bought some of that so I can dissolve the ink on some magazine pages and use those pages in collage. I have an idea for the southwest horses to appear with organic looking layers of "earth".  My mind is always buzzing with new things to try.

And of course there are all these things to have for the studio, lights, heat, ac, etc... That is why we artists appreciate sales so much. :) Like every business, we have expenses.

The photo included here of the Angus, is of the painting we just sold through our gallery, Equis Art Gallery, in Red Hook, New York. If you follow that link, you'll find more of my paintings that are not listed here on this platform. If you'd like one of those, contact the gallery.

Robert's poems can be found on Facebook at Robert Lee Ridgway

And now I'm going to get back to work on figuring out this new platform!