Curiosity and love for this earth and the animals that inhabit it, inspire my western art. I love making something that did not exist before.

My grandparents, homesteaded land on the Rocky Mountain Front west of Dupuyer, Mt. They kept their land and added to what they owned over the years, living successfully through the depression years.
The hard life they lived gave them a wild and lively sense of humor that sprang from adversity and a sense of the absurd, "You might as well laugh as cry!" was their motto.
As a child, I was allowed to spend small, precious bits of time with them.
I rode with my grandpa to check grizzly bear traps, tear out beaver dams, and move cattle.
They hauled their water into the ranch house from a hand pump in the yard, and there was an outhouse out back. I learned about "washing dishes in a thimble full of water", saving things to be fixed later, doing your own repairs, taking care of your own livestock.
My grandparents had an astounding love of animals and nature. We took long walks where we looked at every bug, every cloud, every pine cone, every tree. My grandma couldn't show me enough about the natural world which she loved and she showed it to me with humor and fun.
She was also an artist. She had so much natural talent. When I was grown, she and I could spend happy hours in galleries and looking through art magazines.
So you see, who I am today, is because of her and the things she taught me.
My love of nature, my love of creating, my curiosity and wonder about this world we live in all came from her and my grandpa.
I do deviate and spring from what she showed me...she could not bear art that was abstract or did not follow her "norms". An elk should look like an elk, a horse should look like a horse, to her.
I am in love with experimenting, and art is always to me, "what if I did this or what if I tried that?"
No matter what I do with my art, or my photos, it all stems back to my grandparents, and their love and sense of wonder for this world we live in.

I hope some of that history and love of this earth, along with the animals that inhabit it, come through for you in my paintings and creations. They are meant to bring you happiness, a sense of fun, and a celebration for this earth.

You'll also find poetry by my husband Robert on this site. I'll have his book, and some poems that can be framed for your home. LIke me, he grew up in Montana. He worked logging, construction, and mining jobs, all the while, writing his poems.  They are easy to understand and all about normal life events.

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